Emprise — A travel app focused on booking affordable accomodation.


Design, Concepting, User research

“Why make yet another travel app?”

Emprise offers a solution to booking affordable accomodation. The main goal of Emprise is to give travelers young and old an intuitive and engaging way to book their journeys, keeping in mind afforability and comfort. I made this feasible by offering a ‘digital conversation’ with the user — a step-by-step approach.

The Zero-state of the app A search field, and a prompt asking where you would like to go. A date picker to set the duration of your trip.

The general idea

In the app, users get asked where they’d like to travel, for how long they intend to stay, and for how many persons a booking should be made. Given this information, the app can offer them relevant results, which can be filtered and sorted by the type of accomodation — hotels, hostels, apartments, or bed-and-breakfast.

The customer journey

The premise is simple: you open the app, Emprise asks you where you’d like to travel. Then, you enter the aforementioned details; the length of your stay, the amount of persons and the type of accomodation. Emprise offers you relevant results for your dream holiday. After picking your favorite, you can easily book using modern payment methods such as Apple Pay or iDEAL.